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Visitors: Tourist visa

Visa is the responsibility of the invitee. KIAS will provide a letter of invitation if necessary. KIAS does not require a specific type of visa for invitees: A 90-day tourist visa is recommended. Invitees are encouraged to contact local Korean consular offices regarding tourist visa. Allow several days for the approval process, although the actual time may vary. Some visitors can stay from 30 days to 90 days without visa depending on their nationalities. Please visit the homepage of Immigration Bureau and you will find the information of the entry into Korea with no visas. It is advised to consult the nearest Korean Consulate for details.

Employee: E-1, E-3 visa

An employee without Korean citizenship need to obtain a working visa, E-1 or E-3, which is reserved for teachers and researchers employed by Korean institutions on salary basis. KIAS must first petiton the Seoul Immigration Office on the behalf of the prospective employee. He or she must submit the following documents to KIAS for the necessary paperwork:

  • Photocopy of passport
  • Original copy of Ph.D. diploma
  • 3 photos
  • Signed employment contact with KIAS

If accompanied by family, the employee needs to provide KIAS with the following additional items.

  • Photocopy of passports for each family member
  • Marriage certificate and, for children, birth certificates

On receiving the above set of documents, KIAS will petition the Seoul Immigration Office for the E-1 for professors and E-3 for researchers. It takes approximately 20 days for KIAS to prepare and submit the petition to the Seoul Immigration Office. When KIAS receives the approval notice from the Immigration Office, we will send an e-mail to the employee informing of the confirmation number of visa issuance.

Upon the receipt of the confirmation number, employee should fill out the application of visa issuance with the number at a local Korean embassy or consulate office. The application should be submitted along with other documentations which the consular office requires. Allow a few days for the visa issuance.


Please note that all employment visa (E-1 or E-3) holders are required by law to complete foreign registration within 90 days of entering Korea.

Notification of Arrival prior to Visit

Please inform KIAS of your arrival date and time to ensure the accommodation.