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TITLE Non-sequential protein structure alignment by conformational space annealing and local refinement
KIAS AUTHORS Lee, Jooyoung,Joung, Insuk,Kim, Jong Yun,Joo, Keehyoung
ABSTRACT Protein structure alignment is an important tool for studying evolutionary biology and protein modeling. A tool which intensively searches for the globally optimal non-sequential alignments is rarely found. We propose ALIGN-CSA which shows improvement in scores, such as DALI-score, SP-score, SO-score and TM-score over the benchmark set including 286 cases. We performed benchmarking of existing popular alignment scoring functions, where the dependence of the search algorithm was effectively eliminated by using ALIGN-CSA. For the benchmarking, we set the minimum block size to 4 to prevent much fragmented alignments where the biological relevance of small alignment blocks is hard to interpret. With this condition, globally optimal alignments were searched by ALIGN-CSA using the four scoring functions listed above, and TM-score is found to be the most effective in generating alignments with longer match lengths and smaller RMSD values. However, DALI-score is the most effective in generating alignments similar to the manually curated reference alignments, which implies that DALI-score is more biologically relevant score. Due to the high demand on computational resources of ALIGN-CSA, we also propose a relatively fast local refinement method, which can control the minimum block size and whether to allow the reverse alignment. ALIGN-CSA can be used to obtain much improved alignment at the cost of relatively more extensive computation. For faster alignment, we propose a refinement protocol that improves the score of a given alignment obtained by various external tools.
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