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FIELD Math:Geometry
DATE January 07 (Fri), 2022
TIME 19:00-21:00
PLACE Online
SPEAKER Delcroix, Thibaut
HOST Park, Kyeong-Dong
INSTITUTE Universit? de Montpellier
TITLE Existence of canonical Kahler metrics on spherical varieties: Lecture 3. Algebro-geometric aspects
ABSTRACT Existence of canonical K?hler metrics on complex manifolds is one of the major problems in analytic and algebraic complex geometry. In this series of lectures, I will present various results regarding this question, on the class of spherical varieties. I will explain why and how these varieties are more tractable both from the differential geometry and the algebraic geometry viewpoint. A short and biased historical review of examples will serve as a motivation to study this particular class, but I will also try to highlight how this study may yield useful insight for the study of more general varieties, and hint at various significant obstacles still to be lifted for spherical varieties.

The plan of the lecture will roughly be as follows:
Lecture 1 - Overview of canonical metrics on spherical varieties (short historical review, combinatorial criterions, examples and counter-examples) January 5 (Wednesday), 19:00-21:00 (KST)

main references:
Examples of K-unstable Fano manifolds
The Yau?Tian?Donaldson conjecture for cohomogeneity one manifolds

Lecture 2 - Differential geometric aspects: horosymmetric varieties (complex Monge?Amp?re equations and variational approach on horosymmetric varieties) January 6 (Thursday) 19:00-21:00 (KST)

main references:
K?hler geometry of horosymmetric varieties, and application to Mabuchi's K-energy functional
Coupled complex Monge?Amp?re equations on Fano horosymmetric manifolds, with Jakob Hultgren

Lecture 3 - Algebro-geometric aspects (test configurations and non-Archimedean functionals on spherical varieties) January 7 (Friday) 19:00-21:00 (KST)

main references:
K-Stability of Fano spherical varieties
Uniform K-stability of polarized spherical varieties, with an appendix by Yuji Odaka

Meeting ID: 290 623 8932
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