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FIELD Phys:Particle Physics
DATE December 10 (Mon), 2018
TIME 16:00-18:00
PLACE 1423
SPEAKER Kim, Jeong Han
HOST Ko, Pyungwon
INSTITUTE University of Kansas
TITLE Hunting for Maverick Top Partners
ABSTRACT Most searches for vector-like top partners (T) are concerned with the pair and single productions, strictly focusing on three conventional T decays (i.e. t Z, t h and Wb). As bounds become increasingly stringent, however, the utility of these channels greatly diminish. The null result at the LHC may hint at T hiding in new places. We consider a simplified renormalizable model with the SU(2) singlet T and an additional gauge singlet scalar S. A major implication is that the messenger S plays a role of linking the T and top quark, giving rise to non-standard decays or productions of T at loop-level. In the zero-mixing-angle limit, all conventional tree-level decays T → tZ, T → th and T → Wb vanish, while the S can mediate loop-level decays T → gt, T → γt and T → tZ, hence the decay pattern of the T can be significantly altered. In addition, the S can mediate loop-induced pp → T anti-t + t anti-T production, predicting a new signature of T at the LHC. We also explore a dark photon implication for T searches by introducing a new U(1) gauge group, which alters the T decay patterns and gives rise to new signatures.

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