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FIELD Comp.Sciences:Information Science
DATE October 23 (Tue), 2018
TIME 11:30-12:40
PLACE 7323
SPEAKER Gerardo Adesso
HOST Lee, Su-Yong
INSTITUTE University of Nottingham
TITLE Generic emergence of objectivity of observables in infinite dimension
ABSTRACT Quantum Darwinism posits that information becomes objective whenever multiple observers indirectly probe a quantum system by each measuring a fraction of the environment. It was recently shown that objectivity of observables emerges generically from the mathematical structure of quantum mechanics, whenever the system of interest has finite dimensions and the number of environment fragments is large. Despite the importance of this result, it necessarily excludes many systems of interest that are infinite-dimensional, including quantum field modes. Extending the study of Quantum Darwinism to infinite dimensions is a nontrivial task: we tackle it here by using a modified diamond norm, suitable to quantify the distinguishability of channels in infinite dimensions. We prove two theorems that bound the emergence of objectivity, first for finite energy systems, and then for systems that can only be prepared in states with an exponential energy cut-off. We show that the latter class of states includes any bounded-energy subset of single-mode Gaussian states.

Reference: arXiv:1802.05719
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