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FIELD Comp.Sciences:Information Science
DATE October 12 (Fri), 2018
TIME 11:00-12:30
PLACE 7323
SPEAKER Tomasz Paterek
HOST Lee, Su-Yong
INSTITUTE Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
TITLE Quantum entanglement mediated by gravity
ABSTRACT The talk will begin with a review of experiments where gravity influences quantum matter. It will be argued that they are all explainable within classical gravitation, either Newtonian or general relativistic. Then recent proposals for revealing quantum facet of gravity will be introduced, which are based on placing gravitational field in the role of mediator of quantum correlations. It will be shown what exactly one concludes from observation of the gain of quantum correlations and what are the required initial conditions. We will then move to a concrete setup of two massive oscillators coupled gravitationally and derive figure of merit relevant to the gain of quantum entanglement. The resulting experimental parameters are demanding, but some of them are close to already realised mechanical oscillators (mirrors in the LIGO interferometer). Finally, some thoughts on the limits of this approach will be presented.
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