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FIELD Phys:Particle Physics
DATE September 15 (Fri), 2017
TIME 13:30-15:00
PLACE 1423
SPEAKER Valya Khoze
HOST Nomura, Takaaki
INSTITUTE IPPP Durham University
ABSTRACT I will introduce and review the Higgsplosion mechanism proposed in
my recent work with Michael Spannowsky,,

Higgsplosion is a dynamical mechanism that introduces an exponential suppression of quantum fluctuations beyond the Higgsplosion energy scale and further guarantees perturbative unitarity in multi-Higgs production processes. We argue that Higgsplosion regulates all n-point functions, thereby embedding the Standard Model of particle physics and its extensions into an asymptotically safe theory. There are no Landau poles and the Higgs self-coupling stays positive.
We also argue that the effects of Higgsplosion alter quantum corrections from very heavy states to the Higgs boson mass. Above a certain energy, which is much smaller than their masses, these states would rapidly decay into multiple Higgs bosons. The loop integrals contributing to the Higgs mass will be cut off not by the masses of the heavy states, but by the characteristic loop momenta where their decay widths become comparable to their masses. This suppresses the radiative corrections from the heavy states to the Higgs boson mass, solving the Hierarchy problem.
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