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KIAS Quantum Information Group has focused on the following topics.

  1. Quantum Information Theory
    • Quantum Information Theory is the expansion of combining quantum physics with digital information theory based on modern mathematics. It shows a new paradigm which includes computation, communication, and statistical physics.
  2. Quantum Algorithms
    • Computation theory based on the Turing machine and classification of computational complexity are faced with a completely new extension with the advent of quantum computing. Quantum computing contains many useful algorithms by utilizing quantum parallelism. These algorithms include quantum Fourier transform, searching databases, and solving quantum many-body problems, which are much more efficient than any known classical algorithms.
  3. Quantum Entanglements
    • It consists of the study of fundamental secrets of quantum physics such as non-locality, efficiency of many quantum algorithms and a variety of quantum communication applications. Experiments using quantum optics with the theory of quantum entanglement are studied in great detail.
  4. Quantum Computers
    • There are many proposals of quantum computers. Our research is focused on quantum optical quantum computers based on linear and nonlinear optics and solid state quantum computers.
  5. Quantum Cryptography
    • While the quantum computing is threatening the security of classical cryptography based on the difficulty of factoring large integers, quantum cryptography provides a new way of absolute communication security. In 2005, KIAS and ETRI collaborated on realizing the first Korean quantum cryptosystem of 25 km.
  6. Quantum Teleportations
    • Nonlocality of quantum entanglements can be utilized to send quantum information to a distant place. We are studying a teleportation scheme of qudits which are d-dimensional quantum system.

Quantum Information