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FIELD Phys:Particle Physics
DATE November 11 (Thu), 2021
TIME 17:00-18:30
PLACE Online
SPEAKER Kai Schmitz
HOST Park, Jae-hyeon
TITLE Pulsar hints for gravitational waves from cosmic strings?
ABSTRACT All major pulsar timing array (PTA) collaborations?NANOGrav, Parkes PTA, and EPTA?are now seeing indications of a new stochastic process in their latest data sets. If confirmed in the future, this new signal may turn out to be the first glimpse of a stochastic gravitational-wave background at nanohertz frequencies. In this talk, I will review the properties of the new signal and discuss its interpretation in terms of gravitational waves emitted by a network of cosmic strings in the early Universe. I will especially distinguish between stable and metastable cosmic strings, both of which represent realistic and intriguing possibilities in the context of grand unified theories (GUTs). As for metastable cosmic strings, I will present some theoretical advancements in the description of gravitational-wave emission by a decaying cosmic-string network based on recent work in collaboration with Wilfried Buchm?ller and Valerie Domcke [2107.04578]. This will lead to the conclusion that metastable cosmic strings are not only capable of explaining the new PTA signal in the nanohertz band; unlike stable cosmic strings, they also predict a signal within the reach of current-generation ground-based interferometers in the audio band. On their way to design sensitivity, existing gravitational-wave experiments will thus have a realistic chance to probe particle physics processes close to the GUT scale via the observation of gravitational waves from metastable cosmic strings.
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