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파크, 스테판

School of Physics

Particle Physics Phenomenology

Stephen Parke has worked on many aspects of particle physics phenomenology from perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics, Magnetic Monopoles, Top Quark Physics and more recently on Neutrino Physics. Together with Tomasz Taylor he discovered the simplicity of the maximal helicity violating amplitudes of QCD, the so called ``Parke-Taylor’’ amplitudes. He derived the first fully analytic treatment of the matter effect for solar neutrinos and invented the concept of an effective delta m^2 useful for reactor neutrino experiments. More recently, he is interested in the propagation of three or more flavors of neutrinos in the earth to understand the current and proposed long baseline neutrino experiments, T2K, NOvA, DUNE, T2HKK.

Parke, Stephen J. 사진
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  • Distinguished Scientist in the Theoretical Physics Dept at Fermilab
  • Former Head of the Theoretical Physics Dept at Fermilab
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society
  • Fulbright Fellow
  • / / FAX) 82-2-958-
  • School of , Korea Institute for Advanced Study
    서울특별시 동대문구 회기로 85(서울특별시 동대문구 청량리동 207-43) 우:130-722